The Great and Powerful Social Media

Tragedy has befallen the island of Taiwan yesterday when a 21 year-old student went on a killing rampage near the sky-train station, killing at least 4 people and injuring 25 before being apprehended by local authorities. The whole thing went viral in seconds which shows just how powerful Social Media is and soon there are Facebook Pages created either against the psychopath killer or in support of his actions, which in my honest opinion, should be taken down and the user(s) who created those pages should be banned from using any type of social media network. Who in their right mind would support the violent and cruel actions of a psychopath? I know I wouldn’t. My prayers and condolences go out to the innocent victims that got dragged into this chaos and their families.

Social Media, as mentioned briefly in the above paragraph, is a powerful thing and it can either be used in our favor or against us so that the public will think either positively or negatively about us. We can post videos on YouTube of the things that are interesting to us or that we wish to promote ourselves in a way that will catapult us to stardom. Like fashion tutorials and critiques, film parodies and trailers just to name a few. Yet Social Media can have a Dark Side to it as well.

Take the video of Solange Knowles attacking her brother-in-law Jay-Z in a hotel elevator for instance, that quickly got leaked to TMZ which can possibly ruin the image of not only Beyonce, who only stood idly and just let her sister attack her husband; but also that of her sister and her husband Jay-Z. No one really knows why Solange attacked Jay-Z, one possibility is that Jay-Z might have said something about Beyonce that didn’t sit well with Solange and being the sister, she feels that she needs to stand up to Jay-Z for saying whatever it is that he said. Until this whole mess is sorted out, we may never know what really happened in that elevator.

In short, we may think that using social media can help us in terms of becoming famous but in reality, it can either make us or break us depending on how the public feels about it. Some people may love the content that we post while other will hate the content that is posted (e.g. “Triptank”) and will make negative comments about it and there’s not much that we can do except agree/disagree and move on. To quote Uncle Ben (the character from “Spiderman”, not the instant rice brand): “With great power comes great responsibility”.